Pressure Makes Diamonds

TBlake Youtube Reviews Website. 

Tyler "TBlake" Blake is a Babson College Graduate pursuing opportunities in the marketing consulting world. From creative marketing solutions to driving online sales, Tyler has helped with building brand equity using his personal channels to get first-hand experience. Best known for his Youtube audience, Tyler has built a following of over 100,000 users, becoming a reference point for lifestyle products. 

At age 20, Tyler broke the mold for sneaker events in New England, taking over the Putnam Club to create the New England SneakerSocial at Gillette Stadium, bringing together over 3,000 sneakerheads in addition to leading designers and retailers in the area under one roof. Tyler currently assists with content management and direction for SneakerShouts, and additionally works on private consulting projects run through his LLC BlakeMarketing.

For all inquiries, or for more information on demographics, sales figures etc, please email TBlakeMarkets@gmail.com