Pressure Makes Diamonds

TBlake Youtube Reviews Website. 

Hi my name is Tyler Blake and most of the internet knows me as TBlake. When I was 14 years old I earned enough tip money at a summer job to purchase my first pair of shoes, and the contagious hustle and love for sneakers has taken me on quite a journey. Sneakers and clothing has truly changed my life. From building a Youtube channel to share my love with others, to holding sneaker events at Gillette Stadium, I put myself through school being opportunity obsessed, and passion driven. 

Graduating Babson College early in 2014, I began working on KicksUnderCost.com, a platform designed to help others find the best value for sneakers. In conjunction, I spent three years as the Swiss Army Knife for a major sneaker boutique, doubling their eccommerce sales while managing their social and marketing content. Now truly self-employed, I've taken what I've learned and applied it to my own online store, launching ComeUpStore in November of 2017. Scroll for the best part. 

The Best Part?

I want to share what I've learned, what I've failed at, and what I'm still learning with you. One of my largest frustrations with college was feeling like a $40k tuition was gatekeeping information that every person should have access to. Things like running a business, building an entrepreneurial mindset, networking, credit... all were things I was never exposed to. There should not be an age or degree requirement for being your most successful self, and I hope to create content on this platform to help you reach that potential.

For all inquiries, or for more information on demographics, sales figures etc, please email TBlakeMarkets@gmail.com